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What Is Arthritis?
Arthritis literally means inflammation of one or more joints. The name is derived from the Greek arthro- (joint) plus -itis, (inflammation); plural: arthritides. There are currently over 100 forms of arthritis, ranging from conditions related to wear and tear of cartilage (osteoarthritis) to conditions associated with inflammation resulting from an overactive immune system (rheumatoid arthritis or  "RA").

Symptoms of Arthritis
Symptoms of arthritis include pain and limited function of joints. Inflammation of the joints from arthritis is characterized by joint stiffness, swelling, redness, and warmth. Tenderness of the inflamed joint can be present. 
Devil's Claw
Harpagophytum Procumbens (Devil's Claw) is indigenous to the Kalahari Desert and is exclusive to Africa. Because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, Devil's Claw is used world-wide for osteo-arthritis, fibrositis, rheumatism, small joint disease and lower backache. Scientific analysis shows that the most important active ingredients in Devil's Claw include monoterpine, harpagoside, glycoside, beta-sitosterol, procumbine and stigmasterol.

Dose: 1 teaspoon of powdered root with 1 glass of water; 2 to 3 times daily. As a decoction: 0.5 gram in 150 ml of water 3 times daily. Infusion: 4.5 gram in 300 ml boiled water, let sit for 8 hours, strain and drink 3 times daily.

Warning: Because of its strong anti-inflammatory properties, Devil's Claw is not recommended for people with stomach ulcers or those with any heart conditions, unless supervised by a medical practitioner.        
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Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar has brought relief to many people suffering the pain of arthritis. However, it needs to be taken daily and it may take two to four weeks to feel the full effects. Take 2 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in approx. 150ml of water, 3x a day.  :

You can also find relief by soaking arthritic joints in hot Apple Cider Vinegar. Use 1/4 cup of ACV to 1.5 cups of hot (but not scalding) water.

Many people find that conventional anti-inflammatory medication doesn't work very well or becomes less effective after a couple of weeks. Arnica gel has been shown to exert a pain-relieving and inflammation-inhibiting action with a very great level of efficacy.

Arnica montana, a member of the sunflower family, is a perennial with a bright yellow flower. It is the flower head itself that contains the active ingredients that make it of interest medicinally. It has been a popular medicinal plant for centuries. Fortunately Arnica's medicinal use is based on solid scientific evidence, as has now been proven by clinical trials.

Prepare a tea with half of a flat, small teaspoon for one cup of boiling water. Drink one half of a cup three times daily. As an ointment, use: 25% of tincture mixed with a fat base.

Glucosamine is a substance found naturally in the body. Glucosamine is believed to play a role in cartilage formation and repair.

Glucosamine is available as a dietary supplement and is readily absorbed in the intestines. It has been approved for the treatment of arthritis and other joint and muscular conditions in more than 70 countries throughout the world.

Past studies show that taking  glucosamine results in less joint pain and inflammation, as well as an increased range of motion. Recent studies have suggested that glucosamine may be even more effective than the non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as aspirin and ibuprofen, without the harmful side-effects associated with these drugs.

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JointEase Plus
JointEase Plus contains 100% pure Harpagophytum Procumbens, also known as 'Sengaparile,' 'Devil's Claw' or 'Duiwelsklou', because of the claw-like shape of its fruit. For thousands of years, the Khoisan people of the Kalahari Desert (in Southern Africa) have used Devil's Claw to treat painful joint conditions and other health problems.

The new and even more powerful formula now combines Devil's Claw with Glucosamine sulphate and Boswellia serata, both in the forefront of latest developments in the natural treatment of inflammatory joint and muscle conditions.   
Treatment for Arthritis
More and more arthritis sufferers, particularly those with chronic conditions, are turning to natural and holistic treatments because conventional medicine has failed to produce the desired results. Natural treatments such as herbal and homeopathic remedies are gentle and mild, yet effective and offer symptomatic relief. Ingredients such as Glucosamine can be used to repair cartilage and maintain joint mobility while Boswellia acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of Devil's Claw in treating joint conditions like osteo-arthritis, fibrositis, rheumatism and small joint disease. Other useful herbs like Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) can help to soothe the affected area, in a gentle manner without harsh side effects - helping with the recovery process. Cayenne can also be used in an infused oil to rub into arthritic joints for added relief.
Natural Commercial Remedies
Natural Commercial Remedies
Natural Commercial Remedies
I am 69 and for the past 5 years have suffered from lower back pain and painful knees so that I was sometimes bent almost double and felt like I was at least 20 years older than I really was! I took JointEase quite skeptically after it was recommended by a friend, because I have not had much experience with herbal products. After 3 - 4 weeks I could really feel the difference. Now about three months later I am taking a half dose and am walking upright again for the first time in years. My compliments on a very effective product, which helps more and is a fraction of the price of other medicines. I am walking proof that it works! -Frank C. Somerset West
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