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Libido (Female)
Herbs to Increase Female Sex Drive
Tess Thompson

Both males and females reject advances from their partners on occasion fairly equally, but females are more known for refusing sex. The pressures of today’s fast-paced existence have taken their toll on many aspects of life, negatively impacting the environment, health of the population, and familial, friend, and workplace relationships.
Oriental Ginseng
Ginseng is one of the best tonics for the whole system. Panax ginseng (also known as  Asian ginseng) contains active ingredients in the form of ginsenosides, which greatly promote blood flow to the brain and peripherals, including the female sexual organs.It is therefore beneficial for the brain, heart, circulation and blood pressure and has various systemic effects including aromatic, hypoglycemic and aphrodisiac.

Dose: Powder: 100-250mg two times per day.
Tea: Simmer ginseng for 10 minutes (1 teaspoon per 2 cups of water).
Fresh roots can be eaten as food.
Can be alternated with Siberian ginseng (100-300 mg twice daily) to help boost testosterone levels.

Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo biloba has been shown to have a positive effect on all four phases of the sexual response cycle: desire, excitement (lubrication), orgasm, and resolution (afterglow). It's action is due to its content of flavonoids, terpenoids, and organic acids. An open study on 63 subjects found that women were more responsive to the sexually-enhancing effects than men, with relative success rates of 91%! The results may be due to encouraged circulation to genitals and norepinephrine receptor-induced effects on the brain. Take 50 - 100mg per day.

The stimulatory effect on the circulation also helps to strengthen memory, concentration and neural / brain functions. Ginkgo increases the blood supply to the brain, and is of value for dizziness, tinnitus and headaches related to poor circulation.

Smilax ornata (also known as Sarsaparilla) contains steroidal saparins which are thought to mimic the action of some human hormones such as testosterone and progesterone. It also contains the vitamins A, C, D, the B-group and many important minerals like Zinc and Iodine. It is used as a supportive tonic for the female reproductive system and is commonly used as a tonic for sexual functioning as well as a rejuvenating tonic. Take 1 teaspoon of root in 1 cup of boiling water; 2 to 3 times daily.

Also known as Goatshead, Tribulus terrestris has a long history of traditional medical use in China, India, and Greece. It combines analgesic, aphrodisiac, diuretic actions and in ancient times it was recommended as a treatment to promote female fertility and support a healthy libido in both men and women. Recent studies indicate that tribulus increases levels of various hormones including testosterone, DHEA, and oestrogen, which may explain it's effect on sexual function. The usual dose is 250 mg of powder 3 times daily

Ashwagandha (Winter Cherry)
Ashwagandha is a first class tonic from India with tonic, rejuvenating and aphrodisiac properties. It is also used for debility, aging, nervous exhaustion, memory problems, anemia, fatigue and weak eyes. It also rejuvenates muscles and marrow. Take 300 mg of the root in water 3 times daily.

Nutrition and Supplements
Vitamin C (250 - 500 mg one to two times per day) may be helpful for both men and women, as it increases blood flow. One study suggests vitamin C may increase libido in women. Citrus fruit is a rich source of vitamin C

Vitamin E (400 IU per day), B6 (50 - 100 mg per day), and zinc (30 mg per day) to support hormone production.

Essential fatty acids (1,000 mg three times per day), found in evening primrose oil, fish oil, and borage oil, help improve blood flow.

Magnesium (200 mg twice a day) supports hormone production.

B-complex (50 - 100 mg per day) helps reduce stress.

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone, 50 mg per day), a hormone produced by the body's adrenal gland, diminishes as women grow older.  DHEA is a powerful hormone that can convert into other hormones such as estrogen and testosterone once in the body. A natural source of DHEA is the herb Tribulis terrestris (puncturevine) Do not use DHEA without a doctor's supervision.
Thanda Passion Booster
Thanda - Xhosa (a language native to South Africa) word for ‘love’ - is a 100% safe, non-addictive, natural herbal remedy. Using Thanda Passion Booster on a regular basis helps encourage healthy sexual desire, orgasmic functioning, and sexual health - helping you to relax and enjoy sex, day or night!

This powerful tonic for female sexual health contains a range of specially selected herbs from Africa and the Orient known for their supportive function in promoting healthy sexual arousal and as an effective tonic for the female reproductive system.  
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Causes of Lowered Libido
Love has in many ways become synonymous with sex. It is one of the many ways to express affection for your spouse, and in many cases, is the only way. Couples who are constrained by financial or family pressures often find that they have no time to nurture their relationship.

The demands of life can impair sexual performance in men as well as women. Men mostly face problems with erection and premature or rapid ejaculation, which they try to rectify with premature ejaculation treatments. For women, the natural loss of sex drive can be unrelated to daily pressures and be linked to hormonal changes caused by motherhood or other health issues.

Moreover, the menopause transition time known as perimenopause brings along symptoms of depression, anxiety, irritability, and lack of concentration. Suddenly sex is relegated to the back seat, and the mind starts wandering about chores waiting to be done. All these psychological symptoms in conjunction with atrophic symptoms like vaginal dryness and uro-genital atrophy tend to curb sex drive to a great extent.

Treatments to Increase Libido
Most women during this period tend to seek sexual performance products such as vaginal creams, which provide only temporary solutions.

Practitioners of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, African herbalists, and traditional healers from a wide range of cultures have many centuries of knowledge regarding the use of herbal medicines to promote optimum health, sexual desire, and sexual functioning. In more recent times, research has confirmed this traditional wisdom. There are now many published clinical studies demonstrating the ability of a range of herbs to support female arousal.

Catuaba (Erythroxylum Catuaba) and Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus--Siberian Ginseng) are native to the Brazilian Amazon and Eastern Russia respectively, and have been in use for centuries to enhance the female sex drive. Among the Traditional Therapies, Indian medicine specifically mentions Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) as a strong Ayurvedic herb meant for women as well as men for promoting a passionate sex life. These herbs are referred to as adaptogenic herbs, which are non-toxic and produce responses in the body, such as an increase in power to resist physical, chemical, and biological stressors.


Natural Home Remedies
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“I have always thought I wasn't normal and had some kind of imbalance that was affecting my sex drive. The doctors always said there was nothing wrong. With these pills, sex maybe three times a year has turned into two to three times a week, and has saved my relationship. Thanks.” - Maria, CO, USA