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Preparing Herbal Remedies
It is very easy to make your own herbal medicines.

In fact, since most herbal remedies are best consumed when they are at their freshest you even have the best of all choices: grow your own herbs and make your own fresh remedies.

The sections below will provide some knowledge of the process of making your own remedies.

Infusions are mostly tea-like beverages that are made by combining fresh herbs and boiled water. The common method is steeping. Typical ratios are about 10-20 grams of herbs to 600ml of boiled water. The mixture should be allowed to steep for at least 10 minutes. After that, you should strain the infusion into a cup.

Cold Extracts

Cold extracts make use of cold water instead of boiling water. The advantage is that unlike boiling some of the more volatile ingredients in herbs are not wasted in the extraction process. To prepare cold extracts, double the amount of herbal material and let it sit in cold water for about 12 hours then strain the mixture before drinking.


Decoction is a method of preparation that focuses on extracting mineral salts rather than vitamins. You should boil approx. 10 grams of herbs with one cup of water for 4-5 minutes. Steep the mixture for a couple of minutes before using it.


Juice from herbs should not be made in a blender. Just chop and crush the herbs to squeeze out the juice. Add some water to this concentrate and then squeeze some more, drink it immediately. Do not store juice extracted this way.


Powder can be made from grinding your herbs when they are dried. The powder can then be taken with water, milk, or soup.


Ointments can be prepared by adding olive oil to a previously prepared decoction and then putting it on simmer until the water has evaporated. Beeswax may be included to improve consistency.


Essence can be prepared by dissolving 10-20 grams of essential herbal oil in 600ml of alcohol.
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