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Hi! My name’s Carol and I run this website.carol of mostlyherbs.com

I started investigating alternative health options many years ago, whilst studying for a medical degree. Sounds a bit strange, doesn’t it? The fact is I could see that, whilst Western medicine was brilliant at certain things (think acute trauma for example), it really had little to offer in other cases (such as chronic diseases).

This seemed to me a sad state of affairs. Take the example of chronic disease (think obesity, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension etc). These conditions are often a byproduct of diet and lifestyle. Yet the medical professionals have little to say on such matters.

During my 7 years of study I don’t think the topic of healthy nutrition was specifically raised once. Yet I could identify the organism that causes leprosy! (I’m not sure that medical students today fare much better.) I just felt that somehow the medical profession was getting off track.

So I started looking around, and what I found astounded me!

In many cases it is possible to treat yourself, gently, safely and effectively, with completely natural substances such as herbs. The medical profession tends to ignore these solutions, often citing “lack of clinical data”. But there is no incentive to carry out clinical research as these products cannot be patented, and therefore are unlikely to be big money earners. But that is no reason not to use them.

Another reason I started looking at natural alternatives to health conditions was the fact that sometimes when it comes to medication, the cure is worse than the disease. All drugs come with side-effects. You may take something to treat condition x in a certain part of the body, but once in the bloodstream that substance is going to affect ALL the tissues in your body. Yet, not all the tissues require this compound. Enter side-effects.

You don’t believe me? Take a look at the side-effects listed on the insert packaged with any prescription drug. In many cases, they relate to the effect of the drug on systems other than that being treated. Sometimes the benefit derived from taking the drug makes it worth the side effects, but often, in my opinion, it doesn’t. Particularly in cases where you can reap the benefit without ANY side-effects!

If it is possible to benefit your health naturally, without ingesting potential poisons, WHY NOT DO IT?

Anyway, as a result, I finally got my act together and started this website. Much of this information is available elsewhere, but I hoped to make it easily accessible in one place. The articles provide an overview of the various conditions, and potential ways to treat them naturally. The reader can then investigate further if they feel the need.

Please don’t think I am trying to beat up on the medical profession. That is definitely not the case. Individual doctors are, by and large, caring people doing the best they can to benefit their patients. But they are part of the system, and are often too busy to peek outside the box.

It is the system, with its primary focus on the bottom line, that drives medicine today, and I find that very sad.

If nothing else, I hope to open your eyes to the fact that not everything a) can be cured with a pill or b) should be cured with a pill. There are multiple ways to be true to your body and to your mind, and to achieve health with holistic, natural measures.

May these pages pique your interest and aid you in your journey towards better health!


If you have any questions or feedback, please email me at carol@mostlyherbs.com

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